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Classes are 90 minutes in length unless otherwise specified.
Allow yourself time before and after class: 10 minutes to warm up time and 10 minutes to cool down.
Classes are on a drop-in basis only! No need to pre-register.
Please arrive at least 15 min prior to class start, especially for your first time. Bring cash or cheque only.
  • HOT 26

    26 postures of Hatha Yoga practiced in a hot room. A great class for beginners and also a challenge for the experienced yogi. Get ready to have the work out of your life and detoxify your body.


    A flowing class that has longer holds to strengthen and lengthen abdominal and back muscles. Poses practiced will tone core muscles which will also help support the spine. Designed for all levels.


    An invigorating, active class where movement and breath are combined. Poses run smoothly together and sometimes feels like a dance. Physically challenging, mentally calming. Designed for all levels.

  • 84 ASANAS

    Intro to the 84 Asanas (postures) of Hatha Yoga of the Bishnu Ghosh lineage, prepare your mind, body and spirit to get to the next level! Capri pants (or other long pants) will be beneficial for getting into postures easier.


    By utilizing longer holds in the postures, we are able to work beyond the muscular body and into the tight connective tissue systems (fascia, tendons, ligaments, joints), releasing tension to increase overall range of motion. This class will help you to "go a little deeper" in all respects finding harmony and balance in mind, body and spirit.


    A slower paced class with flow elements and longer, deeper holds. Expect a mindful and gentle but efficient practice that will leave you ready and alert for the rest of your day. The class is suitable for all levels, beginner to advanced.