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26 Beginner’s series Hot Yoga

  • Try not to eat within 2 hours before class.
  • Drink plain water (with &/or without mineral supplementation) before & after class to maintain levels of hydration & electrolytes.
  • Hot yoga practitioners should always be mindful of increasing water consumption when regularly practicing yoga in a heated room. Dietary electrolyte supplementation should be considered.
  • Hydration during class: Have water on hand just in case you need it. Only take little sips while practicing. Hydration is necessary before class. You should never rely on drinking large amounts of water in class.
  • Use a yoga mat with a big enough towel lying on top of it during a sweaty class.
  • Skin-fitted athletic wear is recommended. It is comfortable & moves with the body. Sleeveless tops are also best. Practice barefooted.
  • Use the yoga as a tool to help you become in tune with your body’s limits & potential. Listen to your inner voice to determine how far you can safely go in any position.
  • Yoga is a lesson in creating comfortable challenge with self-care, creating growth & opening, without pain.
  • If you experience pain, then stop & reassess. Focus on your breath first & work on best alignment according to principles of each pose.
  • Above all, aim to breathe fluidly & smoothly. Breathe through the nose unless otherwise directed.
  • Learn to observe your body’s response to breath & movement without expectation of result. Learn to breathe through intense sensations for emotional wellbeing.
  • Do what you can to limit your distractions. Avoid unnecessary movement. Avoid reaching for your water unless you really have to as this is the one of the most common distraction techniques.
  • If you are practicing with a mirror, where possible make contact with yourself. If your mind is overwhelmed by many thoughts, bring your attention to your breath & its qualities. Overtime, you will notice increasing calm & peace in your mind & body.
  • Do what you can do to approach your exercise with a sense of curiosity & discovery.
  • Relax & enjoy yourself!


Helps you acclimate to the season’s warmth by “teaching” your body to cool itself more efficiently and effectively through sweat. You will gain coping tools (focus, concentration and deep breathing) to help you better manage when summertime temperatures reach unbearable.

The summer heat can make you feel sluggish; Hot Yoga is a great way to fill your tank with energy by increasing your oxygen intake and balancing the various systems of the body.

Unlike winter, when people like to hibernate at home, summertime means patios and parties – Make sure you sweat all those extra toxins out of your system by committing to a regular practice in the hot room.

Hot yoga keeps you fit. Practicing regularly helps tone your muscles, keeps you limber and in shape to feel better in the bathing suits & summer outfits.