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30 classes in 30 days. Is this too challenging to fit in your schedule? Don’t worry! If you have plans or are out of town one day, come twice the next day, OR 3 times in one day, whatever works best for you! We know that the challenge is not only the physical and mental aspect of your yoga practice but also about the ability to find the time and balance in your life.

If you successfully complete your challenge, we will credit you $90 towards your next membership/class card at HYW (no cash back). If you do not complete the challenge, you will not receive the $90 credit. So, try the 30-Day Challenge! You have nothing to lose other than weight!

If you currently have a package, we will put it on hold at the start date of  October 15th stand reactivate it upon completion of your challenge.

If you don't have your payment of $120 we will not reserve a spot for you as it fills up very fast. If you bring a cheque please post-date it for  October 15th, 2013. So what are you waiting for?

Sign up for the challenge and see the results! You will feel great and have fun!


Helps you acclimate to the season’s warmth by “teaching” your body to cool itself more efficiently and effectively through sweat. You will gain coping tools (focus, concentration and deep breathing) to help you better manage when summertime temperatures reach unbearable.

The summer heat can make you feel sluggish; Hot Yoga is a great way to fill your tank with energy by increasing your oxygen intake and balancing the various systems of the body.

Unlike winter, when people like to hibernate at home, summertime means patios and parties – Make sure you sweat all those extra toxins out of your system by committing to a regular practice in the hot room.

Hot yoga keeps you fit. Practicing regularly helps tone your muscles, keeps you limber and in shape to feel better in the bathing suits & summer outfits.